Welcome to my website. I am a qualified psychotherapist.  I also design and deliver a wide range of training courses for companies in areas such as managing people or working across cultures, working in teams, or a wide range of other challenges that companies face in managing their staff or clients.

Psychotherapy is essentially a talking therapy. My job is to listen and to help people explore the issues that cause personal anguish and difficulty, or which may prevent them enjoying life to the full. I help people who are stressed. I can help couples who are arguing all the time and want to get on better. I can help a family who are struggling with their child or teenager.

People sometimes visit a psychotherapist alone. In other cases couples or families come to therapy. Call me on 086 3895 777 to discuss your wishes.

My practice also provides business solutions and training programmes for a wide variety of businesses. Please look at the Corporate pages.


Where I work

I work  both in  Dublin,  South city area and also in Thurles, Co Tipperary. I can travel to a training site as necessary.

For further enquiries please contact me using the link below or by telephone on   086 38 95 777