What is Emergenetics?

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Emergenetics is the merging of two ideas- our behaviour emerging from our life experiences and our genetic traits.

 look at the person that you are today,

its made up of  your behaviour, your genes and your life experiences.

What does Emergenetics do?

It provides a clear way to understand how this cross between your genes (your genetics) and your environment since birth (your nurture) have created the person that you are today. You  have four Thinking Attributes (the way you prefer to take in information) and three behavioural Attributes (the way you behave ).

When someone takes a profile questionnaire – which is scientifically based testing system they get an indepth knowledge of their unique make up and an understanding of the person that they are. They begin to see why they think like they do and why they behave like they do.

For couples,  I  can make up a “tip sheet” that helps each partner to know best how to communicate with their partner. For couples where they are getting to know each other or  in long term relationships, this profiling tool has been of great benefit and many have an “AHA” moment after they read it and see how it applies to them.

It cuts down on a great deal of conflict

It adds to a harmonious relationship 

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Emergenetics can help organisations with a staff of 5 or a large corporation to improve efficiency and improve communication using Emergenetics Profiles and other tools. One of the key successes of Emergenetics is to see it work when a whole team takes their profile and then deeper understanding of each others behaviour and preferences emerges creating a higher performing team. The result is to increase employee motivation and boost creativity within the team and the organisation.


Many CEOs of organisaions bring this profiling system to their company and see how, by having a full workshop with their employees,  the staff become energised into working in new ways with each other. It helps to stimulate a creative side to the teams. Also the profiling system helps companies to put the right people together to foster and bring out the best in the company.


The profile helps you to understand how uniquely you think and behave. It helps you to gain a fuller understanding of yourself and gives you pointers in how to understand others. You dont learn anything startlingly new – many people feel affirmed by reading their profile which has been generated by the answers they give to the questionnaire. They say ” Ah yes now I get why I like to start my project always in this way, whereas x always does it that way. I get it now” You learn how your brain actually prefers to do things. You also learn strategies that builds better interpersonal relationships with your peers at work, your direct reports and your boss or bosses.

Similarly you learn your blind spots, the areas you dont like to work in and why. You can then choose to work through your strengths to develop areas of your life that you would like to expand on.


By taking the profile people gain huge self awareness. They look at their profile and better understand how it is they relate to themselves, others and their work. They understand their strengths, and also their blind spots. They can choose to practice new skills knowing the best way to go about it.



For some people EMERGENETICS  can help to understand their own profile for the purpose of changing their career. They might feel that they are a square peg in a round hole. They have learned for example that their profile shows they think in one direction and yet they feel always a bit at odds with what they do at work. Looking at their profile is all it takes for some people to get the courage to go for what they know suits them in their career or choice of work. It can be very freeing for people to have that experience of being able to make changes in their life, armed with this knowledge about themselves that up to now they have only “guessed at”.


Deirdre is an accredited Associate with Emergenetics Worldwide. You can take your profile with her.


The Science behind Emergenetics

The Science behind Emergenetics (taken from the Emergenetics web site by R. Wendell Williams, MBA PhD July 2 2014 can be read on the Emergenetics Website under “professional Test Developmental Criteria)

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Take your profile

If you would like to know what you’re thinking and behaviour preferences are, this can be done in two visits! The first visit is  to learn the value of knowing your profile. You will learn how knowing your profile will help you both in Business and in your personal life.

You then take an online questionnaire (A code will be given to you so you can do this at home). After you take this questionnaire, on your second visit you receive an 8-page report and have a full discussion. Read more here