What is systemic psychotherapy?

Systemic psychotherapy means that the therapist, who is trained to a high professional standard,  works with either  individual, couples or  a family group. The Systemic psychotherapy approach endeavours to understand people’s problems in a relational context and therapists work collaboratively with clients in exploring this.

What kinds of problems do systemic psychotherapists deal with?

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Bereavement and Loss, Adoption Issues, Affairs, Relationships and Sexual Issues, Child and Adolescent issues, Physical sexual and emotional abuse, including history of same, dependence on alcohol or other mood altering substances, anger management,  suicidal ideation and panic attacks.


When should someone consider coming for help?

It is impossible to solve every single problem ourselves on our own. I have often noticed that it’s a sign of strength that someone will come to me and say “I’m stuck with this issue and I’d like to mull it over and think about what I want to do.” Therapy provides a space where, without fear of being judged, a person can do exactly that, think aloud about things and be asked questions that they had not thought of before. It’s much less about advice giving and more about taking that time and space to find one’s own solutions to problems.


How long will therapy last?

Many people come for a few sessions. This is all they need and it feels quite appropriate to come to the decision that “this is enough”. Occasionally, people then say goodbye and come back some months later and say they need a “top up”. That is fine too. I don’t make any assumptions about how long a person should come, this is an individual choice. Yes of course some people do stay for a longer period and they solve different sets of issues and “clear the decks” so to speak.  The research into psychotherapy shows that it works in solving many problems such as depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

How much does a session cost?

I charge €80 for a session lasting 50 minutes.

For couples they need a longer time – about 90 minutes and so the fee is  €100.

For a Workshop I charge €80 per hour plus travel expenses.

Some clients  they like to have Skype sessions : this is also possible if pre-

arranged. Deirdre is using PayPal to enable clients to pay for these sessions from anywhere in the world.

Can I get tax back?

Yes, if a GP says you need the therapy. You either fill out a Med 1 Form or, if self-employed, the relevant section of a Form 11, to claim 20% of the cost of sessions in tax relief. I am happy to give receipts for sessions.